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First Trailer Of The “Invader Zim” TV Movie Released

First it was an animated series, then it became a comic book series and now there is a TV movie in the works: “Invader Zim” never leaves earth – fortunately. 

“Invader Zim” was an American animated televison series created by Jhonen Vasquez that ran on Nickelodeon from 2001-2002. After it was canceled after only two seasons the show became a cult classic among fans. I guess it was canceled because the show is for adults and it was released on a TV channel for children. It was probably too violent for the young viewers and their parents. If it would have been aired on Comedy Central I’m sure it would be an ongoing success. But enough reminiscing. What is “Invader Zim”about?

Zim is an alien that was sent to earth to conquer the planet and enslave the human race with the help of his robot pet Gir (at least that’s what his superiors told him). His archenemy is a boy named Dib with whom he goes to school with. He is determined to expose Zim’s human cover and to stop his evil endeavours.

Now the series finally returns with a television film and Zim appears to have a new plan to make us his slaves. Watch the trailer here and enjoy the upcoming movie! (After you watched all the episodes of the TV series again of course)


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