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If Donald Trump Becomes President, The World Would End

This week the United States vote their next president and I’m afraid it will be Donald Trump, because around the world, also in Europe, there is a new right-wing wave right now. If Trump wins, I’m afraid it will have a bad impact on the whole world. 


The World Would End 

Donald Trump has a really bad temper. Someone who reacts furious to a tweet you can’t trust with nuclear weapons. If for example Vladimir Putin provokes the USA like it happenes frequently, what do you think Trump would do? If the republicans find another country they can steal oil from, what do you think Trump would do? If someone makes fun of his toupee, what do you think Trump would do? I don’t think he would make a cup of tea and think about a solution calmly, unless the tea is made of atomic particles. The truth is: Trump could start a third world war.

So Why Do People Vote For Trump In The First Place? 

The anwser to this question we can find for example in the German book “Das Mama-Trauma” (why men are afraid of women) of the psychologist Werner Dopfer. He writes that in our modern and connected world people want to participate and be treated with respect, in the workplace and everywhere else. They don’t want to be suppressed and dictated by a narcissistic authoritarian despot. In his opinion women would be the better chefs and leaders because they are fair, cooperative and willing to compromise – not by nature, women are not “better” than men, but by the way they were raised.
But instead of seeing this some people, like Trump or Putin voters, are screaming for a strong man in times of a economical crisis. They chose the simple solution instead of solving a problem constructively. That is paradoxical because strong men lead to other strong men who produce even more crises. You can see that right now in the war in Syria. George Bush came – the Iraq and Syria were destabilised – ISIS and a civil war are born – a lot of people have to flee from their country. And Assad, Putin and Barack Obama can not come to a reasonable resolution, because they’re too busy acting tough.

So Would Hillary Clinton Be Better Than Trump? 

I don’t think so. Hillary Clinton is also part of the old system in the United States. I think the solution would be Jill Stein of the Green Party. I don’t know why the Americans always choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich (to quote “South Park”), when there is actually someone good in the run. Bernie Sanders also would have been anti-establishment but he wasn’t elected so now the citizens of the USA have to choose between the candidates who are remaining.
So you like the idea of an affordable und stable health care system for everybody? You think that rich people should pay more taxes because 22 millionaires in the USA have more money than the rest of the American citizens together? You think ISIS is the fault of the USA, because they started the war in Iraq and that the best way to stop the terrorists is that the USA should stop selling weapons to Saudi-Arabia, because Saudia-Arabia is financing ISIS? You think there should be background checks before someone can buy a weapon? You think commercial and trade agreements only benefit the big corporations and do nothing for the working man? You are human? Yes? Then vote for Jill Stein!


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