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Loothood Lootbox: The Surprise Box For Nerds And Gamers

This May started to send its first so-called Lootbox. It’s a box with surprise items for nerds and gamers. Here is what we know. 

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Nowadays you can buy a lot of surprise boxes in the internet, like boxes with food or boxes with beauty items. Now the website picked up that idea and made a surprise box especially for nerds and gamers. Although the content of the box is always a surprise, you also get the chance to individualize your box. You can give the website informations like your sex, your t-shirt size or what genre you’re into (like gaming, comics, fantasy, manga, horror, scifi), so you really receive things that you might like.

The box is sent once a month and you can choose between four different subscriptions: 1 month (27,90 €), 3 months (25,90 €), 6 months (23,90 €) or for 12 months (22,90 €). So what items could you get? I saw some photos of the boxes in the internet and there you could see for example a “The Walking Dead” or Iron Man action figure, a Batman cup, a “Better Call Saul” cap and a lot of cool nerd t-shirts. Each box is worth 40 €, so you can save a lot of money with these subscriptions.

There are several websites that offer Lootboxes. On they just deliver to Germany. But on for example they also deliver to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, France, England, Denmark, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Have fun looting!




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