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Guest Article: I’m Sick Of This Kurt Cobain!

Guest Article

Yeah well… I like Nirvana a lot. I have all the albums, know all their music videos and I have seen and read almost every documentary about them and yes, in a younger age, I idealized Kurt Cobain a bit, but now… leave me the hell alone!
(An article by guest author Freddy)


There’s one strange thing about this sellout: I wanna be part of it, just to dislike it. Like I said, the music and work of Nirvana inspired me a lot, when I was a teenager. I liked their style, I liked their way of acting and playing with the press and the media. I liked the simplicity of their music and the power of the songs. And of course, I was thinking, that Kurt Cobain was a struggling soul, who expresses himself in his lyrics.

When you’re young, you believe in such things or you want to believe them, but now, almost 15 years later, I realized that people need to extract the person Kurt Cobain from his Band Nirvana. The songs are still good, the music videos are still very nice to watch and the energy, that you can see in their live performances, is undeniably existing. But the struggling soul Kurt Cobain, was just a guy, who couldn’t figure out life and was too weak to stay away from drugs. Come on, he was a father and was doing heroine on a daily basis? WTF?! People like him are usually outcasts in this society. You look at them and you think only the worst things, but when you’re a VIP, everything is ok! Even worse… you don’t care about his poor child, you care about the man, you don’t know, for christ sake. For me, he was an asshole. At the end of his twenties he had a family and he had all the possibilities to get the best help, that you can expect, because he was fucking rich and when you’re so gentle and kind, like he claimed to be, you try to figure a way out! Out of the problems you have. For your own child. The person, you have to love the most in your life and try your best, to protect and to support and to be there. He chose the way, that made him a legend or a martyr or whatever.

I don’t know him that well, I just know the facts, that were spreading all over the years, but what I know, is enough to paint a picture. And over 20 years later, the brand Kurt Cobain burns brighter than ever. Every year, new unreleased material appears suddenly out of nowhere. I dare to say, that 2015 is the year of Kurt Cobain. The hype around the documentary “Montage of Heck” was spreading like a disease all over the world. Once again, everybody was an expert in terms of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. Two years ago, his daughter was giving access to a storage room, where all his belongings were kept safe. But one guy, Brett Morgan, was scavenging the stuff and made a two hour movie. Yes, you saw footage you’ve have never seen before and you heard songs, you’ve never heard before and stories were told, I don’t want to to know! I saw this movie in the cinema and I was really hoping to see more footage about the musically aspects in his life. How he came up with the idea of song x or how they were working in the studios, but no… they felt the need to tell me, that he fucked a slightly disabled girl and he was not proud and shit like that. Seriously?

And the things, that were following this year? Old “friends” were saying, that this biopic is bullshit and you should rather buy the book for 20 bucks. His widow Courtney Love was selling his old stuff on Ebay for charity… yeah right! People pay $60k for his cardigan, he wore at the MTV Unplugged Session. Are you guys mental? You saw a picture of Frances Bean Cobain, who’s getting married soon. I know, I complain and complain and complain, that rhymes with Cobain, btw, and you’re thinking, that I should not read this stuff and watch the movies, but I can’t resist, because I used to idealize him and somehow, I wanna know the feeling again, but it will never come back and that is good!

So, let’s leave the man, that he can leave us alone! Stop hunting for secret stuff all the time! Stop making him an icon, he obviously was not! Just enjoy the music and that’s it, because Kurt Cobain is no person you declare as your idol.


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  1. Exactly my thoughts. People might think I agree because I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan, and the two bands’ fans have fought over who’s better – but that’s not the reason (but I do think that Eddie Vedder did become a far better person and father than Kurt Cobain). I understand people liking Nirvana’s songs (probably mainly because of the lyrics Cobain wrote) – or maybe loving them or being thankful because they changed something in their lives. But Cobain isn’t a good role model at all.
    But then again, I think idealizing people (or groups or political parties or whatever) is difficult in general, no matter how great some of the things are he/she/they did. For example JFK, who hardly cared for his familiy, who, at some point in his life, admired Hitler and his ideologies. Or Bob Marley, who didn’t care for all the children he put into this world (at least not as far as I know) or John Lennon who didn’t care for his wife and son for many years. And so on, and so on….

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