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CD Review Of Mary Goes Wild’s “BYOB” – From Quentin Tarantino To The Shore

With their first long play record “BYOB” the German band Mary Goes Wild found a new style: less noisy and more melodic. The album sounds like the soundtrack to a movie – or a trip to Albion. 

Mary Goes Wild

After the two EPs “Next time, analog” and “A la mierda!” (2013) the German band Mary Goes Wild published their first long play record by the simple name of “BYOB”. Over the last few years the band found a third member and with him, so it appears, also a new sound. Whereas in their early years the style pointed into the direction of punk and noise rock, the new record is much more melodic and (dare I to say) pop. But let’s start from the beginning.

The album starts with the track by the proper name “Qentin Tarantino”. Proper, because the song sounds like it could have been the theme song of a Quentin Tarantino movie like “Pulp Fiction” – the perfect beginning to start a crazy ride. And that the song also does in the album. It is a short track, that leads to longer and more serious songs like “In My Dreams” or “Kill Me”. In the latter I first noticed the different sound of the band, especially in the singing. It is now less bellowed and more, well, singing, if you compare it to songs of the first two EPs like “Do Anything” or “I Won’t Be Liked”. Now it kind of reminds me of the voice of The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – melodic, but still a little crazy.

Did someone say English? Because the rest of the album could also be the soundtrack to a British independent movie like “Submarine”. Songs like “Wasted” bring bands like The Libertines to mind or generally the Golden Age of English indie music around the year 2002. Although the band sings in the next track about “All Over LA”, listening to it takes you to a trip to England, where a touch of country and Bright Eyes is waiting for you.

But the record generally brings you back and forth. Tracks like “Redheaded Chain” or “To The Shore” have something familiar, something old, but in the same time something new and one-of-a-kind. The album has a perfect balance between slow and fast songs and Mary Goes Wild proves, that songs don’t have to be endlessly long to work.
The band just has to be careful, that with simple lyrics like “Mama told me to get a job” or cants like “lalala” and “wohoo” in tracks like “Deadly Spell” or “What Do You Say”, they will not be mistaken for a cheap punk rock band, because they’re not. Over the last two years they’ve already advanced a lot and one can only imagine, how many new sounds they may discover over the next years.

The tracklist of “BYOB”: COVER_Mary_Goes_Wild_BYOB
01. Qentin Tarantino
02. In My Dreams
03. Kill Me
04. Deadly Spell
05. Wasted
06. All Over LA
07. Superlame
08. Cool Down
09. Redheaded Chain
10. To The Shore
11. Cunt
12. No Job
13. What Do You Say

The album can be purchased here:

For more information visit:



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