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Left-wing Party Of Germany Wants The USA To Pay For Refugees In Europe

Voices of the left-wing party in Germany demand from Washington to pay for the refugees in Europe. In their opinion the civil war in Syria is the USA’s fault. 


Sahra Wagenknecht and Dietmar Bartsch of the left-wing party of Germany will present a position paper at the German Bundestag on monday that discusses the current refugee crisis in Europe. In their opinion the USA should pay a part to finance the fleeing refugees that come from Syria. After all the USA are to blame for the destabilisation in that region.
“Gangs of murderers like the Islamic State (IS) got indirectly supported [by the USA] and also got provided with money and weapons by other allies of Germany. That’s why a million of people have to suffer brutal wars and civil wars.”

That position is understandable considering that most of the important members of the Islamic State met in American jails. The leader of ISIS, Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri (now: Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi or “Kalif Ibrahim”), was in Camp Bucca, one of the biggest American prisons in Iraq where he got to know his right hand, Fadel al-Hayali (or “Abu Muslim al-Turkmani”). But he is not the only one. According to the firm “The Soufan Group” (a risk consulting firm) also the powerful members Abu Mohammed al-Sweidawi, Abdul Wahid Chutnajer Ahmad, Abdallah Ahmad al-Meschhadani and Faris Raif al-Naima met in an United States prison.

What these members have in common too is that in the past they were agents of Saddam Hussein. So the whole ideology of the Islamic State basically started when the USA under president George Bush started the Iraq war. In 2003 the USA defeated Saddam Hussein and left the former public officials with nothing. It almost became a trend to defy the American troops. Then Abu Musab al-Zarqawi formed the organisation “Al Quaida in Iraq” (AQI) which changed the name in 2006 to “Islamic State in Iraq” (ISI). In 2013 ISI expanded to the politically chaotic Syria and they called themselves “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”. There they fought not against Baschar al-Assad but against Syrian rebells who wanted to overthrow the regime.

By watching and doing nothing the USA and Europe allowed Assad to torture his own people and let ISIS grow bigger. So the USA helped ISIS in two ways: First they provided a basis for the terrorists in Iraq and secondly they allowed them to take over Syria – they started one war but didn’t help to end the other one against Assad.
Now the only thing the USA at least can do is saving the civilians who are now refugees in Europe.



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