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What you have to know about the new TV series “Dragon Ball Super”

Love, death, resurrections and penises – Son Goku and his crew are coming back! The animated TV series “Dragon Ball” gets a sequel with “Dragon Ball Super” and the first episodes already aired in Japan. Until the new episodes arrive in Europe it could take a while, but there are already first informations about the sequel. 

Because “Dragon Ball” creator Akira Toriyama is a part of the new series “Dragon Ball Super” we already know that the sequel is part of the official “Dragon Ball” universe where also “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dragon Ball” are located. In the last two decades there were several movies of the same narrative style and of course the series “Dragon Ball GT”, but in these productions Toriyama was just an advisor. So “Dragon Ball Super” can be seen as the first “official” sequel of “Dragon Ball Z” and the manga stories.

So in what time does the series take place? The story steps in three episodes before the ending of “Dragon Ball Z”, so six months after the fight against Majin Buu. In “Dragon Ball Z” we saw Son Goku participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament, ten years after the fight against Buu. But we didn’t see what happened in between. That’s why “Dragon Ball Super” can tell the story of this decade, before “Dragon Ball Z” finishes with the last three chapters. Confused? Don’t give up now!

This means that technically “Dragon Ball GT” never happened (thank god, eh.. Piccolo), because obviously “Dragon Ball GT” came after “Dragon Ball Z”. But because of another reason we can simply forget “Dragon Ball GT” altogether. In the movie “Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods” Son Goku can become a Super Sayajin God which is an even higher level than Super Sayajin 4, that he became in “Dragon Ball GT”. So why didn’t he fight in the future always as a god if he could defeat his enemies faster this way? Hm.

The last thing you have to do in order to prepare for “Dragon Ball Super” is to watch the last two movies, “Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods” and “Dragon Ball Z – Resurrection F”, again. The trailer and poster of the new series show that characters like Beerus, the God of Destruction, will appear in the sequel. So it would be good to get yourself up to speed. Then the new adventures of Son Goku and Co. can begin!


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