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Motion Comic “Ligeia the Vampire” now on IndieGogo

The concept of motion comics already appeared in Philip K. Dick’s novel “The Zap Gun” in the mid-1960’s but had the first realization around the year 2001. Now you get the chance to participate in this exciting medium by supporting a unique motion comic on IndieGogo named “Ligeia the Vampire“.


A motion comic is a medium that arrived in the early 21st century and which combines comic books and animation. We probably all know prominent examples such as “Broken Saints” or “Watchmen: Motion Comics”. Like in a comic, the characters remain in static poses and the dialogue is written in speech balloons. But with the help of animated elements like music and sound effects motion comics lend a more cinematic experience. The reader also gets interactively involved by not just reading but also clicking to see more elements and advance the story.

But it’s not only the animation what makes motion comics interesting, you need an interesting story too, like we can find it in Rodrigo Diaz Ricci’s “Ligeia the Vampire”. The story starts with the Chilean Alexander Amos who travels to Istanbul in order to buying antiques and selling them to collectors. What he did not expect is buying an object that will be his entry to a terrifying adventure.

At the campaign on Indiegogo you can already watch the first three chapters in Spanish. By crowdfounding the project you can help the artist to create six more episodes for the series. Contributing to the project comes also with a lot of unique perks. If you donate 75 USD for example you will be featured as a character in the motion comic that will have a epic fight with “Edgar the cat”. By donating 100 USD you can receive a course on how to make your own motion book and R.D. Ricci will be writing the music for you.

What the creator says about the project: “This year I will create: The script, characters, backgrounds, animation, music, editing. These episodes debuting every two months will go on free to the public. Your name will be seen by thousands of people around the world! […]
A vampire story that has already characterized as different from what you see in the different media. Most importantly, I’m in charge of all production, which makes it a unique product in the market, something very difficult to achieve in the industry, because it does not exist: it is time to start creating one!”


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