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Photo of Jared Leto as the Joker in “Suicide Squad”: Why so ssssucky Hollywood?

David Ayer is the director of the upcoming film “Suicide Squad”. Two weeks ago he posted a photo of Jared Leto in makeup as the Joker. My only reaction was… why so sucky? 


You probably already saw the photo of Jared Leto as the Joker in the Internet. The first thing that people noticed were obviously the tattoos. For me with these tattoos he looked more like a Joker fanboy, but not like the Joker. His appearance is supposed to be scary but woudn’t a scary Joker carve his own tattoos with a knife? And would he really chose the sterotype of “hahaha”? And why is he wearing one purple glove? Did he forget the other one in the tattoo parlor?

Now one week later a source of Joblo claims that the Joker in the movie will have a different look than the one on the foto. He is supposed to have scars on the arms, his skin will be whiter and the teeth will change. Apparently the picture was supposed to be a test for the audience how they would react to this kind of style. I personally am relieved that the true comic fans had spoken and told the Hollywood industry what would happen if they humiliate their (anti)heroes. Seruiously, these guys have all the money in the world to make a respectable comic adaption but often they chose a cheap realization like in the movie “Man of Steel”. Cheap in that sense that there is no interesting story, no fascinating characters, just acion and special effects. Please don’t do this to the “Suicide Squad” or “Batman v Superman”. I beg you.

But back to the Joker. There is probably no other villain that is so complex like the Joker and I think this is the reason why he is also so popular in Batman comics. He is just unpredictable. So in the sense of being unpredictable I hope they will surprise us with a new Joker, one that we have never seen before. After all, when Heath Ledger was casted, everbody was skeptical too. And Jared Leto (despite of his band *caugh*) was involved in a lot better productions than Heath Ledger. So maybe we should also give him the benefit of the doubt.

If you still want to read a full analysis of the appearance of Jared Leto’s Joker and a comparison to the comics, here is a great one:

P.s. Seriously, one purple glove?


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