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Two Heads Are Better Than One: Two Reviews about the Comedy Series “The Last Man on Earth”

What would you do if you were the last person on this planet? Anything, everything? Either legal or not so legal? Right! But this dream can become a nightmare… a funny nightmare.

(A review by guest author Freddy)

Life offers always good and bad ways you can go or you don’t have a choice. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, which way you go, because you’ll never reach the goal. Take this theory and transform it into a series. “The Last Man On Earth” is a new comedy series on the FOX Network. It was created by Will Forte, who is especially known for “Saturday Night Live” and the critically acclaimed movie “Nebraska”. Forte is also playing the leading role Phil Miller.

It’s the post-apocalyptic year 2020. Phil Miller seems to be the last person alive on earth and that’s how he is behaving. He’s happy, but desperate. Totally free, but bored. Absolutely selfish, but wants to share. He has no reason to shave or to clean or sleep or to wake up or talk or to listen or or or or or.
It’s no anarchy, because there is no one, who dictates. It’s no crime, because there is no one to judge him. It’s no life, because there is no one to love… No one?

It’s a very unique and creative series, that has to prove to be around for a while. Only seven episodes aired to this point and I hope, it will be a lot more.

Hail to the toiletpool!


“The Last Man On Earth” is a new comedy series on the FOX network. The name says it all? Not really. The series thrives on his supporting actress Kristen Schaal. Otherwise the series would be a never ending masturbation-marathon. 

(A review by From Comics To Politics)

Phil Miller (Will Forte) was just an average guy with a family he loved and a dead-end job. He would still be that average guy if it weren’t for a virus that killed the entire human race (or almost). Now he became special because he can do and be what he wants and the entire country serves as his playground. But soon he realizes that all the fun you can have without someone watching you becomes tiring after a while, because there is no one who you can share it with.

And then it happens. After he is literally bored to death he meets her. The shining light at the end of the horizon! Or almost. Carol Pilbasian (Kristen Schaal) is her name, the person who drives Will crazy – and not in a good way. She is quite the opposite to Phil because she still believes in rules and order. You could say she is like Watson to his Sherlock Holmes, like Sheldon to his Leonard or basically – just clean.
The interaction between these two counterpoints is what makes the series interesting to me. If not alone Kristen Schaal.

You could see the role of Kristen Schaal as a sequel to her role in “Flight of the Conchords”. The band and her husband are dead and Mel found someone different to stalk. That is what Kristen Schaal does. Through her weirdness and humor she makes every series weird and humorous too. Without her we would just basically be watching a series where a guy is masturbating the whole time. Which can be fun for a while. But let’s be serious.

Carol literally saved Phil’s life and she is one of those strong and funny female characters that television so desperately needs.
Hail to the queen!


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