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Quote Of The Day: Comic Legend Alan Moore about Charlie Hebdo and Religion

IMG_0483“It is probably time for something to be done with regard to monotheistic religion cleaning up its act. It is not about Islam, Jews or Christians. If you come from the position that there is only one God and He’s yours then only one thing can happen when you meet someone who thinks differently. It is not rocket science although as we have seen in Afghanistan, rocket science will probably enter into it. […]

I am not saying people should not be free to join whichever religion they choose but should we be forced to live our lives around a belief system that originated somewhere around the fourth or fifth century BC. I cannot see any more reason to base a belief system around Christianity, Judaism or Islam than I can around Lord of the Rings. […]

The majority of followers in Christianity, Judaism and Islam are moderates but it is time for those people to step up. The problems that your radicals are causing are creating quite a mess in your own backyard. It does not reflect well on the Abrahamic religions. […]

Couldn’t organisations with this much fear and intimidation associated with them be classed as mafiosi and be dismantled by the authorities? If you don’t do this yourselves then you will live your lives forever tainted with these terrible crimes against humanity.”



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