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Add-ons for more security and privacy in your browser

In another article we already explained how you can surf anonymously in the internet by using a VPN. But to be fully protected you should also install some add-ons for your browser to prevent outsiders from tracking you. 

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A VPN conceals your IP address and you can browse anonymously in the internet. But a person can not only be tracked by his or her IP address but also by cookies, Java script or Canvas fingerprinting. For this reason we present you in this article the most important add-ons für Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to increase browser security.

Mozilla Firefox:
Clear Console: Deletes cookies, browser history and cache in one click
Self-Destructing Cookies: Tracker cookies get deleted automatically
NoScript: You can turn Java script on and off
Random Agent Spoofer: Every time the browser gets opened it gives you a new identity
No Google Analytics: Google can not analyze your search requests
CanvasBlocker: Prevents Canvas fingerprinting
BetterPrivacy: Protection from permanent super cookies
Cookie Controller: Managing of cookies

Google Chrome: 
Click&Clean: Deletes cookies, browser history and cache in one click
ScriptSafe: Allows Java script only for confidential websites
Undirect: Google can not analyze your search requests
Do not track me Facebook: Stops Facebook from tracking your surf-behavior
Privacy Extension: Stops Canvas and browser-fingerprinting

Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox AND Google Chrome:
https everywhere: Makes a safe connection automatically
Privacy Badger: Blocks invisible trackers and spying ads
Adblock: Blocks commercials
DoNotTrackMe: Stops the tracing of your browser activity and personal information
Ghostery: Blocks tracing and shows the user who is trying to track him or her (Note: Ghostery records the information of its users)
Disconnect: Stops invisible trackers and makes the browser faster
Disconnect Facebook: Facebook can not trace the websites you visit

Have fun with surfing anonymously!

Die deutsche Version des Artikels findet ihr hier: Geman version

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