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VPN: How you can protect yourself from the surveillance of the NSA and Co.

Because of the revealing exports by the US-whistleblower Edward Snowden the protection of privacy in the internet became an essential topic. That´s why we want to present you in this article the easiest form of anonymization: VPNs. 


Maybe you know this phenomenon in your circle of friends: It gets revealed that the NSA gathers information and intercepts communication in the whole world  – and nobody cares. But this disinterest is mostly based on the assumption that you can not do anything about it anyway. This assumption is wrong, you can protect yourself and help to reset the net to its original state. Using a VPN is an uncomplicated and effective way to do so and browse the web unobserved.

So what is a VPN exactly? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a program that you can download easily from the internet and that encrypts your traffic. This gets achieved by concealing your IP address so no one can track your name or the location of your home. By now there is a huge selection of VPN providers out there like HideMyAss, IP-Vanish, Perfect Privacy, Private Internet Access or CyberGhost. Unfortunately VPNs are not for free but for three Dollars per month you get already excellent programs. Who wants to give it a free try, CyberGhost provides also a free version.

So how do I start? Like already mentioned you can easily download a VPN from the website of the provider. Then you usually have to pay and they send you your license key. After putting in your key you can already start surfing anonymously. You can choose a country that you want to pretend to be in and you surf with the IP address of that country. Note: It´s important that you first start the VPN program and then afterward open the browser.

But a VPN can not only protect your privacy it can also be used to bypass internet blocks like on YouTube. Also for citizens of a country who are affected by censorship, like it was the case in Turkey, a VPN is even more attractive.

I think you can see that browsing anonymously doesn´t have to be complicated and we hope that we could interest someone in it.
On this blog will be published more articles on internet security, so stay tuned!

Die deutsche Version des Artikels findet ihr hier: German version

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