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The sun revolves around the earth and dinosaurs love humans? Why Christian fundamentalism isn’t good for anybody

The results are in: Religion can in fact make you stupid. New studies from America show that the concentration on religion combined with the lack of science classes in schools and universities brings us back to a medieval state of knowledge.

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You would think that in this time and age the intelligence of human beings is always evolving. That people question everything they hear and have the capacity for learning, abstract thought and logic. But in some religious countries it´s quite the opposite, one of them: the USA. In June “Gallup” released a poll to examine the level of scientific knowledge in the USA and the results are shocking. “Gallup” revealed that

– 42% of Americans still believe that god created earth and all humans while they were     present
– 72% of Republicans don´t trust scientists and science in general
– 25% of American biology teachers insist that dinosaurs and human beings were living   once in perfect harmony
– One out of five American citizens believe the sun revolves around the earth
– 60 % expect an Armageddon like it predicts the Book of Revelation

The Christian fundamentalism that spread in America the last 40 years finally made its impact. This kind of religious concentration represents in other Western countries mostly a minority. In the USA, however, one third are Christian fundamentalists, which means that a person literally believes every word in the Bible.
Susan Jacoby said it best in “Age of American Unreason” when she wrote, “This level of scientific illiteracy provides fertile soil for political appeals based on sheer ignorance.” That she is right you can see in the political decisions of the Republicans, like refusing to combat climate change or spending even some pennies on education. Or is it a strategy to keep citizens uneducated on purpose?

The future doesn´t look bright either. The ignorance epidemic of the Republicans creates a society where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They are cutting funding for education and take this money to make room for tax cuts for the rich. A short while ago “The Street” determined in a list the ten dumbest states of America – all dominated by Republicans.
And these politics already affect American kids. This July a study that was published in “Cognitive Science” found out that when children are exposed to religion they have troubles distinguishing fact from fiction.

Where does this leave us? Why are people still supporting the Republican party by voting against their own best interests? It is undeniable that racism has a lot to do with it. Like current debates show, the Republicans don´t want child migrants from Mexico in the USA. So religion should basically spread the idea of hate and racism? To create an open and intelligent society maybe atheism is the best choice.



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